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2006 Honda Civic Coupe Road Test

Honda Civic Coupe
km on the odometer and still getting him dependably from home to work, the club, pool hall, soccer games, rowing, and the many other activities he involves himself in. In fact, if Greg is any indicator as to how long Civic customers keep their cars, I'm surprised Honda sells as many as it does each year.

I'm sure if the means are there, the new 2006 Civic Coupe will lure him down to his local Honda dealership to reinvest. It looks extremely good, and so much more distinctive than the outgoing model which borrowed its prominent triangular taillight styling cues from the much pricier previous-generation Mercedes-Benz S, CL, SL and SLK rear lamp design. I've even seen "tuned" Civic coupes with aftermarket lenses featuring the same M-B clear on red design pattern.

It's a lot more difficult, and maybe impossible to see any blatant design plagiarism in the new model. Now it includes those clear inserts import tuners like, but the taillight shape is completely unique, as it the rest of


2006 Honda Civic Coupe Road Test
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